CORONA VIRUS UPDATE WE ARE OPEN BUT ARE CONVERTING ALL PATIENT CONTACT TO ON-LINE, SKYPE, FACE-TIME. To assist with pandemic control, we are closed for face to face contact to slow the spread of the virus, and protect you and our staff. That way we can still be here for you in a couple of months. Please help us keep our mission of your growing older, well. Hours will still be the same for appointments.


Plasmalogen Center for Wisconsin

Plasmalogen Center

We are Wisconsin's first Goodenowe certified and trained plasmalogen treatment center. We can help you explore and repair your own plasmalogens.  This is a very exciting advance in medicine and goes to the heart of our biological processes that drive aging.  

Alzheimer's Reversal.  We follow Goodenowe's Protocols and can demonstrate positive results.

Parkinson's Reversal:  This is dramatic news.  We are seeing a REVERSAL of symptoms with the improvement of gait, facial mask, tremors.....we may need to come up with a new explanation for Parkinson's.   Maybe it's lack of plasmalogens that cause the inability to secrete dopamine, not the lack of dopamine itself. 

ALS.   The nightmare of old age.  We can now cite one client who was to the point of losing his breathing, unable to walk, drive, use his arms and is now, after 3 months on plasmalogen therapy, able to push up his glasses, breathe easily, get to up walk to the bathroom on his own.  "I wake up each day looking forward to what will improve today".   


ADHD Repair.  ADHD is caused by inflammation to myelin in the white matter of your brain. We can prove that with MRI scans and repair it.

Autism Repair.  Yes, there is real hope for autism.  We have clients who are back in school and playing with friends.   This will, by itself, earn Goodenowe a Nobel Prize.   Autism is caused by the gyre of continued inflammation that depletes plasmalogens.  With repletion therapy, the brain wants to heal and will.   

Post Concussion Syndrome.   There is damage to the brain that can't catch up and repair itself.  


Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome

CIRS is caused by biotoxins that 25% of us are sensitive to. Black mold is the most common, but Lyme disease, ciguatera, pfisteria, blue-green algae, and many other causes exist. If you are fatigued, achy, unable to concentrate, have weird food allergies and any of the other 35 symptoms Shoemaker has identified, we can help. We are now one of Dr. Shoemaker's certified doctors and have participated in his annual conference. We can help guide you through the evaluation and management of your messy basement, or moldy workplace and how to fix you, most of all. What was once called fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome is really CIRS. Call us up!

Other Cutting Edge Therapies

The science of the human body is leaping forward. Dr Whitcomb is the first physician in Wisconsin to have a Masters Degree for a Medical School (University of South Florida) in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine. With that training, you will have access to the best, cutting edge therapies around that don't involve expensive, toxic and invasive therapies. We will gladly collaborate with your traditional medical doctor. Modern medicine also has many miracles and great therapies we will help you choose too.

  • Cancer Integrative Care
  • Mold and CIRS therapy
  • Low Dose Naltrexone for Immune Function
  • IV Ketamine for Refractory Depression: with the collaboration of your psychiatrist
  • IV Vitamin C and Chelation Therapy
  • Growth Hormone for Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency
  • Pellets for prolonged hormone replacement

Answer to Cancer Milwaukee

Current methods of medical treatment of cancer focus on trying to kill the cancer cells in one spot (radiation therapy) or by chemically poisoning cells that are spread in many places: chemotherapy. The problem is that neither method kills all the cells all the time, and the disease comes back with resistance to the chemotherapy used or the limits of radiation are reached when further treatment damages you more than the disease.

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Intergative Cancer Therapy

Dr Whitcomb is enrolled in the University of South Florida Integrative Cancer Masters Degree Program. It is the only program in America that brings together all the bright points of light from around the world where people are having their cancer's addressed in new and innovative fashions.

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IV Therapies

Are traditional therapies not enough for you? Have you been fatigued and tired and can't quite figure out why? Do you have cancer and fear that traditional therapies might not be doing you enough good?

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Peptide Therapies

What Are Peptides? There are tens of thousands of them, and play a roll in directing all the metabolic processes within your body. We believe that as much as 90% of your genome is dedicated to micro RNA molecules, the mirror images of your DNA and from which many peptides are then manufactured. We define a peptide as a chain of different amino acids under 50 amino acids long. The most well-known peptide is insulin (51 amino acids).

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Testosterone Milwaukee

Brookfield Longevity, located in the Milwaukee area, specializes in testosterone Milwaukee medicine for men. Men go through a "pause" similar to women called andropause. It may be more subtle but typically occurs in the 50s, just like with women. And men are subject to the same environmental stresses of exogenous estrogens from chemicals, BPA, pesticides, plastics and the rest, just like women. As a result, the average man in America today has a lower testosterone Milwaukee and sperm count than men did just 30 years ago.

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