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Bright Line Eating

Want to Lose Weight and Keep it Off Forever?

We can help you do that. We can show you the Bright Line method and measure lab for you. It really works. Susan Pierce Thompson is a genius and we will help you understand her method, show you how you are responding to it and integrate it into your overall plan of getting healthy and better.

With every other method, only 0.1% of people lose weight from BMI of 30 to 25. Beat those odds! (Calculate your BMI: Your weight in pounds/(height in inches)2 times 703

Start with No Sugar, No Flour, No snacks and Weigh your food. (SUGAR, FLOUR, MEALS, QUANTITIES) Try it for 14 days. Take Susan Thompson's Addiction quiz.

We can help you walk through your Bright Lines and make a plan to get you detoxed, reborn and reenergized. It's a bit spooky how much better you feel. And just by eating real, whole food.