CORONA VIRUS UPDATE WE ARE OPEN BUT ARE CONVERTING ALL PATIENT CONTACT TO ON-LINE, SKYPE, FACE-TIME. To assist with pandemic control, we are closed for face to face contact to slow the spread of the virus, and protect you and our staff. That way we can still be here for you in a couple of months. Please help us keep our mission of your growing older, well. Hours will still be the same for appointments.

Your destination for medical Anti-Aging Treatment and Wellness Management

Look Well, Feel Well, Live Well

The Mission of Brookfield Longevity Clinic is to bring the latest state of the art methods of longevity medicine to our customers. With that, we intend to establish a new paradigm of medical care. We want to keep you well, to extend the span of your productive and creative life, to "rectangularize" your life experience.

Playing tennis at 80 is not an impossible dream. Sleeping well at 60, thinking clearly at 90, laughing throughout, loving always is our goal for you.


Our medically driven, cutting-edge anti-aging practice specializes in medically proven therapies including bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, nutritionally based and supervised weight loss, mitochondrial optimization, fasting therapies, peptide treatments, IV therapies, and individualized age management programs for both men and women.

Anti-aging is a scientifically advanced approach to personalized aging strategies that KEEP YOU HEALTHY. Don't wait for Disease.

  • DO YOU HAVE Chronic pain, can't sleep at night?
  • Are you on more pills than you want to be?

Learn how normalizing your metabolism, from your gut to your kidneys and liver can help you excrete toxins that we all have.

We are the most advanced and experienced clinic in the midwest using plasmalogens to reverse neurological diseases, heart disease and general aging.  This is the technology that will revolutionize all medicine.   If you are frustrated at an illness no one can figure out, please, give us a chance.  That's our core expertise. 

Find out how to rid yourself of heavy metals, PCBs, environmental toxins, and aspartame safely and in a medically appropriate way.


Our Hours

Monday  and Thursday: 8 am to 4 pm (during the COVID emergency

(Tuesday will be reopened when the schedule allows.  Let's all hope soon)
Wednesday: Also closed until the COVID emergency is past.
Friday: We are closed

Contact Us

Call: 262-784-5300 and speak to Mary, Dawn, Sharon, or Sheila
Email Us:

Office Location:

17585 W North Ave, Suite 160, Brookfield WI 53045

DIX Building on the South side of North Ave, 1 block past Walgreens

Head to the back of the building and park behind: the first door on the right

Charges and Cancellations

Please see our "How it Works" to get our charges for visits.  Please note that cancellations, (or missed visits) within 48 hours will be charged for their visit.


"I feel young again. You have given me back a good night's sleep. I stopped taking naps and can stay awake till 10 oclock" Thanks to you, I feel Like I have my life back."

- RL 58

"My doctors told me I'm just getting old. I'm 69. But he didn't have anything to offer. With BLC, I lost 15 pounds without even trying and helped paint the Waukesha Courthouse."

- RK 69

"I used to take a nap every day because I had to. Don't get me wrong. I like naps. Now I nap when I want to. I have my life back. I'm sleeping and I have the energy to do new projects, like keep up with my grandchildren"

- SK 65