CORONA VIRUS UPDATE WE ARE OPEN BUT ARE CONVERTING ALL PATIENT CONTACT TO ON-LINE, SKYPE, FACE-TIME. To assist with pandemic control, we are closed for face to face contact to slow the spread of the virus, and protect you and our staff. That way we can still be here for you in a couple of months. Please help us keep our mission of your growing older, well. Hours will still be the same for appointments.



Brain Health - A Special Focus Interest


Your brain slows down inexorably as you age. How fast it slows is a bit up to you. Without action, 50% of Americans develop dementia by age 90. Following our anti-aging methods, we will bring to you the very cutting-edge information on how to keep your brain healthy from Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. We are Wisconsin's first center for Plasmalogen replacement with Goodenowe certification.   We are just as interested in it for you as we are for ourselves. Join us in our journey.

Our Key Interventions

  • Plasmalogen measurement and replacement
  • Balanced brain nutrition
  • Measured reduction in inflammation
  • Supplements
  • Brain-friendly Anti-oxidants
  • Brain Exercise
  • Avoiding and ridding yourself of the right toxins
  • Balancing Hormones
  • LDN

We are seeing patients with Alzheimer's begin to recognize their families, play games again, walk with a steady gate.  With Parkinson's we are seeing the awful masked face of Parkinson's recover its smile, gait to return without the shuffle or stutter, arm motion to become free of tremor. This is mind-boggling. We are on the threshold of a new order of treatment with Dr. Goodenowe's brain rebuilding lipids.