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Peptide Therapy

  • What Are Peptides?   There are tens of thousands of them, and play a roll in directing all the metabolic processes within your body.  We believe that as much as 90% of your genome is dedicated to micro RNA molecules, the mirror images of your DNA and from which many peptides are then manufactured.  We define a peptide as a chain of different amino acids under 50 amino acids long.  The most well-known peptide is insulin (51 amino acids)
  • What's the problem with peptides?   We stop making them as we age, or as part of developing diseases of various types. 
  • Why the sudden interest?   For decades peptides were the topic of remote PhD projects and physiology nerds.  They were extremely expensive to make.  Now, we have at hand the sophisticated machines that can manufacture them quickly.
  • Can I trust the web sites that sell them for cheap?   Answer: We just don't know.  Some reports suggest there are some sources that are only 50-70% pure.  But there are 3-4 pharmacies that guarantee their product to USP grade 99.5% pure and they become the legal avenue to compound a specific script for you.
  • What sort of peptides are there?  Many - here are a few of the most effective
    • Thymosin Alpha 1: From your thymus gland, this peptide is the one responsible to educate your T cells to fight cancers and viruses and probably a role in autoimmune diseases.  Google it and read more.  It's a pretty effective one.
    • Thymosin Beta 4: Healing and structural peptide.  Good in combinations.  Abundant in platelets and probably the mechanism of PRP therapy.
    • BPC-157.   Discovered in human stomachs, this peptide isn't digested like most others.  Taken orally, it is the BPC (Body Protective Compound) that helps your gut to heal itself.  Nifty!
    • CJC-1295 is a growth hormone inducer.  Most often taken with ipamorelin and or GHRP-2.  Helps sleep, weight loss, muscle growth....
    • PT-141.   This is a fragment of Melanotan and found to induce "desire" in both men and women.  May last up to 36 hours and is better than Viagra. Really!
    • There are peptides that can help heal chronic wounds, cure MRSA, help Lyme disease and CIRS....
    • There are peptides that help recover faster from surgery
    • Cancer therapy can be improved with peptide therapy: some help deliver chemo into the cancer cell, as one example
  • How can you get access to these?   Our goal is to teach you how they work and show you legal mechanisms of getting the pure and properly formulated forms.