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Weight Loss Milwaukee


Weight Loss and Gain happen around changes in our body chemistry. To effectively lose weight and keep it off, we all need to understand how hunger works and how our fat cells respond to our hormones, our environment, and our lifestyle. Our job at Brookfield Longevity, in the Milwaukee area, is to provide you, our client, with the dashboard of data so that you can drive on your own, manage your own Weight Loss Milwaukee successfully, and keep it off. We have individualized strategies that work, and work for good.  


Bright Line Eating,


Keto Diet,


Fast Mimicking Diet,

Randle Cycle Diet (Mastering Diabetes etc)


HCG all work with different folks.  


We can help you with all of them.  We have PROLON kits if you want to try that with Fast Mimicking.  


And along with that Weight Loss Milwaukee, we will help you get off your blood pressure medications, your cholesterol medications, your diabetes medications.....(you get the drift). Here at Brookfield Longevity, servicing the Milwaukee area, we have menus, pictures, powerpoints and most of all a caring and passionate concern for you as a total human being. The functional medicine approach takes into account the balancing of your hormones, the presence of toxins like heavy metals, the proper burning of fuels and the adequate excretion of toxins. When all those systems are working properly, weight drifts away and stays away. Brookfield Longevity proudly services the Milwaukee area for all of your 

Weight Loss Milwaukee needs. Contact our office today, servicing the Waukesha, Milwaukee, and surrounding areas.