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IV Therapies


Are traditional therapies not enough for you?  Have you been fatigued and tired and can't quite figure out why?   Do you have cancer and fear that traditional therapies might not be doing you enough good?   


IV Vitamin C has been used now for over 50 years and had hundreds of thousands of treatments.  There are well-established protocols for fatigue, chronic pain, viral syndromes, cancer.   IV therapies pre and post-surgery may be particularly useful at helping you with the recovery from surgery, and the prevention of complications during surgery.   The Tahoma Clinic in Washington has been the leader in developing these therapies and we follow their protocols.


IV Ozone with Major Autohemolytic Protocols.   This is available, upon request.


IV CHELATION for reduction of risk for cardiac disease is also available.  We charge less when you sign up for bundles of 10 or more therapies.


We have a welcoming and warm IV room with comfortable chairs.  Most treatments last 30-60 minutes, if you have good veins.  We are comfortable and used to working with ports.

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