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Integrative Cancer Therapy


Dr Whitcomb is enrolled in the University of South Florida Integrative Cancer Masters Degree Program.  It is the only program in America that brings together all the bright points of light from around the world where people are having their cancer's addressed in new and innovative fashions.


It is time to think of cancer as something that can be tamed and turned into a chronic disease.   There are many innovative therapies for cancer that work in conjunction with your traditional chemotherapy and radiation therapy.  Our goal is to make your oncologist look massively successful by complementing their work.


Some of the emerging therapies include ideas like de-coppering folks, the Oncoblot test, green tea and chilis, the ketogenic diet, IV Vitamin C.   We are familiar and have worked with all sorts of other therapies including the Gerson Diet, the Budwig Protocol diet and many others which we would like to hear from you about.


But think of us as POST CANCER REHAB Clinic. Come to us when your doctor says there is nothing else that can be done. We have lots of ideas. We will help you create a data dashboard to show you how to monitor the effectivesness of what we do.


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