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The Answer to Cancer: Integrative Therapies


Current methods of medical treatment of cancer focus on trying to kill the cancer cells in one spot (radiation therapy) or by chemically poisoning cells that are spread in many places: chemotherapy. The problem is that neither method kills all the cells all the time, and the disease comes back with resistance to the chemotherapy used or the limits of radiation are reached when further treatment damages you more than the disease.

In the meantime, an explosion of research has uncovered dramatically effective alternatives. Cancer is an unregulated state of affairs. Re-regulation is the goal of integrative therapies. Turn the disease into a chronic condition like diabetes. Once a lethal illness, diabetes is now a chronic condition which can be managed for decades.


Proper "Modified Ketogenic"


Fast Mimicking - State of the art, in conjunction with any therapy.

Advanced Testing to Find Cancer Early.


Circulating Tumor Cells

Methylation Defect Testing

AMAS test

Many more - find the cancer early, way earlier than what you see on an xray

Monitor your Progress 



 WITH OXYGEN. We will show you how and get you help getting started

IV Nutrition when you need it.

IV Vitamin C 




Speaks for itself.  IV and MAH.



Remove copper from your system.  Kills cancers!