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Q: What is BHRT?

BHRT stands for Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement. The premise of that is that the human body was designed to run optimally with its natural hormones. For the first time in human history, we are living beyond the expected life span for which we were designed. To optimize your life experience, we need to gently replace, in balance with one another, all the hormones that bear on your well-being. We want to use hormones that are exactly and precisely what you body makes. These hormones may be made from other sources than the human body, but they are chemically the exact same structure and fit into the receptor sites precisely. Hence, they have the same biological impact. We have sound medical literature so support what we do and we change our minds when we find something that proves what we are doing is wrong. Our goal is to be up to date, and to bring the innovations of medical research happening today to you quickly. We'll share our source material with you and teach you to your full understanding just what we are doing.

Q: Does this mean you will function as my primary care doctor?

No. We don't want to be your primary care doctor. We will be happy to work with your doctor and support them in their relationship with you. We believe we can bring you to balance and focus on keeping your well. Your primary doctor is usually focused on managing the medical problems you may have.

Q: Are there any side effects from the treatment?

BHRT has been successfully practiced for over 20 years by its leading practitioners and found to be very safe. In fact, it's safer. That's why we do it. Combined with functional medicine principles, our goal is to design a total package of nutritional, spiritual, physical, hormonal therapies that optimize your feelings of well being and your heath. Not only that, we want you to understand why we are doing what we are doing so that you can be our partner in the journey.

Q: Why is there an issue with insurance and this program?

Insurance is typically designed to pay for disease. Insurance companies require doctors to fill out many forms and prove what they are doing by listing numbers of details, many of which may not be relevant to your immediate needs or concerns. Your regular doctor ends up spending more time doing paper work than time with you. We want to reverse that. We think insurance companies, in fact should be lining up to support Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine because we believe we will drive down the costs of health care. We want you to come to us because you stay well and to catch those core imbalances long before those imbalances lead to disease.

Q: How soon will it be before I feel differently?

Lifestyle changes cause subtle changes in your internal chemistry. You may not feel much change right away. Some changes however happen within weeks. Brain fog often gets better pretty quickly. But hormones are sort of like the navigation system on a big ship. You turn gently on the ocean, and head a different way. The new port is very different than the original destination.

Q: Where do these natural hormones come from?

Most hormones are based off the cholesterol molecule that is derived from plants. They become bioidentical in that they are precisely the same chemical compound as the natural hormone you make. They have the precisely same effect your naturally made hormones have, provided you take a dose precisely designed just for you. We will show you pictures of the chemical formulas of what the artificial hormones many pharmaceutical companies call "estrogens" and "progestins". If you can tell the difference, we will call you an "honorary endocrinologist". It's not hard to tell when you see the pictures and the chemical formulas. The difference between testosterone and estrogen is just a hydrogen molecule, a double bond and a methyl group. When we show you the chemical formula of what the artificial estrogens made by big pharma are, you will immediately see the difference. Then, it doesn't matter if they come from plants. They just have to be precisely the same formula. Water from clouds, from ponds, from rivers, from ice is still exactly H2O. Same deal with BHRT.

Q: Why doesn't my doctor prescribe natural hormones?

This is a new field and it's pretty complicated. The Anti-Aging Fellowship that offers the most comprehensive training program takes two full years of study to accomplish with over 240 hours of lecture time and two major exams. That's a lot to ask of a busy doctor to learn. But keeping you well and the technology involved is also rapidly changing and continues to require a lot of study on the part of anti-aging doctors. All the staff at the Brookfield Longevity Clinic are fellowship trained and involved in the only Masters degree program in Metabolic and Anti-Aging Program in America. You are getting the cutting edge with us. We hope your questions keep us on that edge.

Q: Who supplies the hormones that I need?

One of the biggest changes you will notice with us is that one size only fits you. Each person is unique. The traditional pill from a pharmaceutical company is designed to fit millions as a block buster. But it may not be the right dose for you. We will use prescription drugs when they make sense. But most of your hormones will be precisely mixed by a pharmacist who takes the precise dose you need and makes it into a formula for you. That formula may be a cream, a lotion, a pill, a shot or a drop in water, but it will be precisely yours. That type of pharmacist is a real partner in your health. Compounding your dose is a new and emerging science too. We use only compounding pharmacists with the highest quality standards that we have personally inspected and worked with. The hormones themselves, testosterone, estrogen, etc are generic and quite cheap. It's the precise dosing and mixing that matters and makes all the difference.

Q: How do I know that the supplements you recommend are pure and correct?

This is an important question as some supplements have been found not to have active ingredients. We have spend considerable time and effort checking our sources and have developed a list of safe and sound companies. For example, not all fish oils are the same. The cheap ones may be free of mercury, but not of dioxins and PCBs. Ultra-purified fish oils are better. We have found good sources for those that are reliable and don't cost you an arm and a leg. Some of our Wisconsin companies are the very best. Of which we should be proud. We carry those and stand behind them.

Q: How do you test my levels accurately?

This is the best question! Hormone levels in your blood may not be the best for you. Salivary levels of many hormones reflect your tissue needs much more accurately. That's part of our job is to help you sort that out. It's a field of intense research and interest right now and we will keep you at the cutting edge. (And then some are better checked with a 24 hour urine, a spot urine, a dried blood spot... It's very fascinating to us but we'll spare you the details unless you are really interested.)


Q:  Can you different forms of hormones?


Of course.  Some folks like creams, some prefer shots.  Pellets last for 3 months and are claimed by some to be the most natural.  Some prefer sublingual lonzenges.   We have expertise and experience in all of these methods.  


Q:  If I'm young, do you have ideas to raise hormones without giving them?  


YES, for men and women.